Welcome to Urban Routine Blog

Welcome to Urban Routine The Blog. 

Thank you for inviting us to join your lifelong adventure of wellness. We believe wellness starts on the inside, in our spirits, the moment we decide to play an active role in our own wellbeing. 

Self-care goes deeper than bubble baths and facials, though we do love to pamper our clients! Self-care is the intentional practice of becoming the best version of U possible. This looks different for everybody. Urban Routine celebrates what makes you U. No matter your age, gender identity, sexual orientation, shape, size, race, or level of ability, we believe that wellness is possible for you. And we are here to help!

Our founder, Derek Davenport, envisions a wellness center that starts long before you walk in our front door. Derek wants Urban Routine and the values we represent to be a beacon in the community. A beacon of belonging, support, joy, and self-love. 

Urban Routine The Blog is a step in that direction. We aim to be a voice in favor of self-care. A gentle and reliable reminder to tend to yourself amid the demands of daily life. We believe the things you want to see become reality are only possible if you start within U. 

Urban Routine The Blog will bust beauty myths, report on the latest developments in wellness, separate the trends from the innovations, and create a virtual space where the focus is on taking care of U - no apologies! We commit ourselves to advocate for the consumer, using our expertise to demystify the over-saturated beauty and wellness industry so that U can make better, more care-free choices. 

So let’s begin friends, we want to take care of U!