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We’ve all started to see the surge in astrology over the years. Memes of how our zodiac represents us and the oh so fun compatibility tests all over the interwebs. While I consider myself somewhat fluent in astrology, Human Design was something completely new to me. In early March, a close friend, Josh Davis, owner of Tox Josh Studios in Tennessee recently expanded his team and surprised me with a Human Design Session performed by Mikaela MacLean. 

Heading into the session, I was excited to learn more about Human Design however was extremely surprised that I would learn so much about myself, my many roles I hold in life and overall what direction I should be navigating my life in. Human Design is something EVERY person should be doing especially entrepreneurs. The breakdown and “learning” of myself has allowed me to shift so much in my life for the better.. if you're reading this and ready to transform your life, a Human Design session is for you!

To hear the full breakdown of my session with Mikaela where we get down and vulnerable: click here:

I had the pleasure of following up with Mikaela to learn more about Human Design to prepare you for your session. 

1) What is human design? 

Human Design is known as “the science of differentiation”. It’s all about what makes every single person completely & utterly unique. Personally, I think of it as a scientific spiritual system that helps you understand, love & accept yourself. On a technical level, it’s a fusion of astrology, the I’ Ching, Kabbalah & the Hindu chakra system. 

2) What should someone expect in a session with you? 

My own Human Design chart very clearly shows what I’m here to do: empower people to love & accept themselves… but only after I started loving & accepting  myself first. It’s simply the energy that emanates from my aura when I’m occupying that higher vibrational state. It’s a pretty mind blowing concept, and a huge responsibility - and once I understood it, I started getting really serious about it. 

What’s also fun for HD junkies is that I’m a 4/1 profile - we’re just 2% of the population & literally cut out for things like HD, astrology, psychology, etc. 

4/1s are here to figure out how human beings operate & help people with that knowledge. 

3) How did you get into human design? 

My joke as to why I’m into any of this spiritual stuff is that I’m a Pisces! Lol 

I’ve been into the mystical side of life ever since I can remember. I studied astrology for years before Human Design came into my world in 2016. Then it was like game over! The light bulb came on, it just clicked & made so much sense to me. Everything was incredibly confirming & comforting in a way no other system or modality has ever been before. 

Also, my south node is in Aquarius in the 6th house, which is an indicator of past lives as an astrologer & healer. So the whole thing just checks out - it’s clearly not my first rodeo doing this type of work! For me, it’s definitely less learning, more remembering. 

4) Who is human design good for? Business owners? Spouses? Etc. 

Human Design is for EVERYONE!!! It’s actually meant for children - if you can be raised knowing things like “go with your gut” is terrible advice for me, or it’s better for my system to eat at night or I need a ton of alone time, or XYZ are my inherent fears & anxieties I understand I can work thru, etc it will empower everyone to live as themselves, NOT some homogenized, zombified version of who we have been told we need to be. And then when the whole family knows how each individual operates, the family unit loves & accepts each other - it’s now an incredibly supportive home environment getting kids off to the best start. 

Same goes for romantic relationships, friendships, business, how groups function… There is literally no part of your life HD doesn’t apply to. 

I have found myself specializing in working with aesthetic professionals - because it’s amazing for business. But not in that “I can help you make 6 figures overnight” icky kind of way I see some people peddling Human Design, which is NOT what it was intended for. I’m all about helping people consciously come into alignment & live their Dharma… and from there, good things can’t help but happen in your life. 

5) What is your one piece of advice for someone integrating the results of their human design into their lives?

Follow your "strategy & authority”. 

It’s the most basic, and dare I say boring part. You can find the information anywhere!

But like all of Human Design, you can know it at the mental level yet never actually live it. The whole thing is considered a science experiment. You have to go out and actually do it to discover the benefits of living in alignment. If you genuinely operate from your strategy & authority, you don’t need to know anything more, your life will unfold as it’s meant to. Conversely, you could know every single minute detail of your chart but still not live any of it and you’d be no better off. Personally, I LOVE the deep details, they are incredibly confirming & help you know you’re on the right track, but they are not essential. Another piece of advice: It’s also important to remember deconditioning (the act of striping away everything you’ve been told or thought that isn’t really correct for you) is a process. It takes time… 7 years according to Ra Uru Hu (the founder of HD). 

6) What have been some ah ha’s for you as you’ve progressed in human design and healing? 

That the chart is a true short cut to healing & liberation! Every single thing in our charts is polarity, or duality, it’s yin & yang. There is shadow & light in everything. 

I mentioned my own chart is about self-love, but for many years my life was about serious clinical depression & self-loathing - really just 2 sides of the same coin.

Had I known then what I know now, I would have been operating from the higher expression a lot sooner. Some of our biggest hang-ups turn out to be some of our greatest gifts, we’ve just been conditioned to view them all wrong. 

The chart definitely contains markers for fears, anxieties, depressive tendencies, perfectionism. But, with every “negative” trait we have, I promise you that there is a high vibrational side of it accessible to us. I also think that just being aware of those lower tendencies & their higher possibilities is all we need - it’s like the double slit experiment! Once you are aware/observing yourself, your behavior is affected. 

7) What in person and online events can people take with you aside from human design and where can they find you? 

Here in Spokane I frequently work with The Anam Cara Healing Center  @anamcarahealingcenter where I host in person events, like my Beauty Attunement workshops or 1:1 Auric Beauty Attunement pop-ups & moon circles.

My next big event is lecturing at Aesthetic Next 4 in Dallas this September. 

I have a variety of virtual classes, workshops & trainings I am currently working on.  And of course plans for in person industry trainings as well.

I’m a line 1 - education is my life! I want to help others, specifically those of us in the aesthetics industry lay that foundation of knowledge to help more people heal. 

We are at a critical point in this world, and I truly believe changing it all starts with self-love & acceptance. 

Just tend to your own garden, it’s literally all you need to do. If each of us did that, this world would be such a beautiful place. 

If you’re ready to book your Human Design session with Mikaela, click the link below and use the code HD100 for $100 off your first 90 minute session.


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