What happens when you honor the body, mind, and spirit?

Your whole being becomes a sanctuary of healing that revels in the joy of life. Urban Routine Wellness™ is a welcoming, all-inclusive brave space that helps you transform into your most authentic self. Our licensed body, hair, skin, and energy providers curate their services to ensure you enjoy a personalized and thorough experience every time you visit. 

Derek Davenport

Urban Routine Wellness™ Founder, Owner, Licensed Esthetician and Energy Medicine & Reiki Master, Derek Davenport, sought to build a space unlike any other self-care sanctuary in the city. He envisioned a space to honor individuality. An empowering space for educating licensed professionals to excel in their craft. A space where clients receive unparalleled results with the help of the best products and education on the market.

Founded in 2017, Urban Routine went through a few transformations and became Urban Routine Wellness™ in 2020 after quickly becoming a nationally recognized brand and market leader. Derek’s passion for the industry and for caring for others allows him to achieve incredible results with his clients, build a team of the best professionals in the industry dedicated to their clients and create a space where YOU belong.