Three easy steps to stop stressing about self-care: “Checking boxes off a list is not self-care” writes Urban Routine Wellness Founder Derek Davenport


As our world continues to evolve and the concept of self- care evolves with it, we find ourselves overwhelmed by confusing wellness trends. The immaculate bubble bath with candles, champagne and a glittery mask are out the window. Despite our best efforts to find balance in our lives to make sure we are watering our own soul as much as possible, in our current cultural climate, our self-care rituals are reduced to a never ending to-do list thanks to instagram influencers and the social pressure to “rock the self care game”. 


Self-care at its best takes the form of beautifully crafted daily rituals that fit your lifestyle and routine. What are YOU able to accomplish in your day? When we open our social pages, we are bombarded with “influencers” boasting perfect bodies, perfect makeup, non-stop vacations, and unnecessarily complicated skin-care regimens. We get inside our heads and start feeling insecure as we compare our lives to those of others. It’s easy to get caught up in the misleading glamor of influencers but the important thing is that your rituals fit your lifestyle. 

So the question is, how do you care for you? There is no one size fits all when it comes to creating your self-care ritual. In my practice I find the best method is often a trial and error process. Maybe waking up 30 minutes earlier to workout isn’t feasible but doing it at the end of your day works better. That is okay! I adhere to the belief that we have non-negotiables for daily rituals that will better our mental and physical health. To name a few of these non-negotiables: twice daily skin-care, at least 30 minutes of daily active exercise and a daily mindfulness session. When working with clients, I like to start by getting an idea of what their week looks like. This allows me to start building rituals that fit them and their schedule. If someone has a busy family that is on the go, they cannot accommodate a time-consuming self-care ritual. I also firmly believe in multi-functional products - products that tackle multiple concerns eliminating the need to layer numerous products to achieve desired results. Of course, some weeks are different from others, so adjusting your weekly routine is not only an acceptable but a necessary part of designing a sustainable self-care ritual. Make room for adjustments and see them as opportunities rather than hindrance. 


Here are my three simple steps to a healthy self care routine: 

  1. Know your limits of what you are capable of. If there are days where you cannot get to a yoga or breathwork class, try and do it at home. If you’ve had a long day and can’t tackle your full skincare routine, IT’S OKAY! Consistency is key but we are humans and some days are going to need adjusting.
  2. Balance is key. Don’t overwhelm yourself with too much. When possible, start with a professional. Whether it be an esthetician, trainer, or coach, a professional provides built-in accountability. It takes time to build a habit and having professional guidance helps you maintain pace.
  3. Do what works for YOU! Self care budgets are important. Don’t strain your budget with needless purchases promoted by beauty influencers. This is another area where a professional can help. Licensed providers are here to guide you in the right direction to achieve balance, growth and results. Start with where you need to make the biggest change in your life. Surrender to this and then begin the process of creating change. 

When all is said and done, celebrate that you have chosen to make yourself a priority. Forget the unnecessary trends and remember the most important thing is that your self-care ritual re-energizes you. Your self-care rituals should keep your batteries charged and you glowing from the inside out. 


With an open heart and open mind, 

Derek Davenport