Advanced Skin Therapy on the Rise

From consumers to professionals, we continue to be bombarded with the hottest new trends hitting the aesthetics industry and all the celebrities launching their own skin care lines. While the awareness is great, how are we supposed to know what is best for our skin and for our practice as professionals?

The simple answer: turn to your Licensed Professional for guidance! The guessing game and risking new products that you do not have guidance on can cause a shift in the skin very quick and can send you backwards vs forwards with your skin care goals. 

When I started to strategize moving Urban Routine Wellness™ in to the medical aesthetics industry (while still integrating our ancient healing practices), I was quite shocked to find that even through a pandemic, the industry is expected to continue rising at a faster rate than years prior, growing upwards of billions of dollars by 2030 with an even balance between invasive and non invasive treatments. What is causing this growth? There are multiple things at play affecting the tremendous growth. 

Funny enough --> the first is the pandemic. That's right, the pandemic actually helped our industry. I'm sure you're reading this asking yourself, how is this possible? Well let me ask you this, how many meetings have you had to have since 2020 via camera on your phone or computer? This shift in a demand to move meetings to an online, video platform has caused the population to care more about their appearances. With more and more jobs moving remote, this creates an even more demand on video conferencing work days than ever before. 

Another factor that is creating a higher demand for more advanced treatments (including botox and filler) is the millennial generation. With a generation that is heavily focused on health and wellness, over 50% of millennials stated that their overall appearance can affect how successful in life they are.* Millennials have also been fortunate enough to be raised with education on preventative care that later generations did not have access to. Over 80% turn to social media platforms for their education on preventative care.

How does this all tie in to the growth of Urban Routine Wellness™? 

Since the birth of our brand, URW has always been an innovative market leader. We've stayed true to our mission of being the top educated and trained professionals with services and products to match. With the advancement of our industry, we continue to grow and enhance the guest experience with unparalleled results. 

As we continue to grow, we are excited to now be offering the top treatments that are taking over the medical aesthetics industry. We are always available to provide a consultation prior to your services. Here is a list of the top requested treatments that we now offer: 

- Hydrafacial
- OxyGeneo
- Morpheus8
- Microneedling
- Body Sculpting 
 - *COMING IN NOVEMBER* Injections (botox and filler) + B12 shots

To learn more about each of these services, click above to be directed to our website.

It has been quite a journey growing Urban Routine Wellness™ and it is my promise to our community to always offer the best the industry has to offer based on our research, studies and the mentorships we are fortunate to have. I look forward to seeing you all VERY soon in both of our new locations located Downtown and East Wichita. 

Thank you for your continued support and patience through our exciting transition! 

With love,